1 on 1 Patient Care

1:1 Nurse-to-Patient

Care for one patient

More Cash in your pocket


Starting Pay is $94,000.00 - 104,000.00
Annually, DOE.

More Time to Do Your Thing

Time to
Do Your Things

Hall CCT RNs work
12-hour shifts.

A Slower Change of Pace

Are you overwhelmed with the number of patients you are responsible for during each shift? Maybe it is time for a change? Hall CCT is hiring RNs with at least 3-years ER/ICU experience to join our specialized medical team.

As a Hall CCT RN, you will focus your care on one patient at a time.

ER Nurse

Work in an Autonomous Environment

Step outside of the hospital environment, take a breath of fresh air, and work in a setting where you can exercise your skills using standing protocols to make independent decisions for your patient.

Providing Regional Interfacility Transport Solutions

Hall CCT was established in 2009 as a means of offering a continuum of care unavailable through typical ambulance transports. By having an RN as part of our specialized transport team, which includes a paramedic and EMT, we are able to minimize the disruption of patient care while traveling between healthcare facilities.

Hall CCT Ground unloading patient
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