Become an EMT
in Under 10 Weeks

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Hall EMT Academy
What is an EMT

What is an

An emergency medical technician works on the front line of emergency medical services. EMTs assist with patient care and provide safe transport to the hospital.

What is hall EMT academy

What is the
Hall EMT Academy?

We train you to become an EMT so you can start working in the Hall Ambulance 9-1-1 System.

How much does an EMT make

How Much Does
an EMT Make?

Good news!  We've increased the starting wages for a new EMT to $43,825.60/year, plus an extensive health, wellness, and benefits plan.

Zero-Cost, Paid EMT Training with Guaranteed Job Placement on Completion with Hall Ambulance

Hall Ambulance is looking to hire and train the next generation of EMS first responders starting mid-May 2023 with the Hall EMT Academy.  This is not a school but an accelerated pathway to starting your career at Hall Ambulance as an emergency medical technician. Training occurs at the Harvey L. Hall EMS Academy, a state-of-the-art training facility. Weekly lectures are supplemented with hands-on skills, assessment training, quizzes and exams.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Airway Management/Ventilation and Assessment
Week 4
Respiratory and Cardiac
Week 5
Week 6
Obstetrics, Pediatric and Geriatric Emergencies
Week 7
Ambulance Ridealongs
Week 8
NREMT Testing
Hall EMT Academy Class 41_12
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Don’t Stop There

Hall Ambulance has developed an achievable career path of success. Once you have proven yourself as an EMT, we will help you take the next step in becoming a paramedic—allowing you to provide advanced life support care to your patients. On successful completion of the paramedic prep course, you will have the opportunity to apply for sponsorship into the Hall Paramedic Academy.